About Talking Objects

Pieter and Pieter-Jan. Childhood friends, neighbors and colleagues with a shared passion for design. The perfect breeding ground for the start of Talking Objects, an agency specialized in the distribution of interior design in the BENELUX market.


Soon after the start of Talking Objects in 2016 by Pieter, cooperation agreements were signed with the Dutch brand Pikaplant and Danish design label New Works. The first retailers were on board and a network was established.


In 2017, Pieter and Pieter-Jan decided that it was time to join forces. With a background in marketing and economics, a love for design and a healthy dose of entrepreneurship, they started the further expansion of Talking Objects.


With Pieter and Pieter-Jan as driving forces Talking Objects grew into an agency that today has 6 brands and is well represented in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.


Talking Objects is active in the retail market and project market. We are the link between our brands and the retailers, distributors, (interior) architects and other professional parties.


Talking Objects operates as an exclusive agent for following brands: 101CPH (BELUX), New Works (BENELUX), NORR11 (BELUX), Pikaplant (BENE), Prostoria (NL), Santa & Cole (BE), valerie_objects (BENE).


How we work

Talking Objects stands for products that create added value because of their original approach to a unique story. The brands distributed by Talking Objects will always be chosen with utmost care. Before making a choice, we look for following characteristics we find most important: refreshing, creative, stylish and high quality.


In response to the rapidly changing world of retail, we also want to play an honest advisory role for retailers, helping them to make the right purchasing decisions. With our expertise and product knowledge, we also function as the ideal partner for our distributors and (interior) architects in all kinds of projects. The ultimate goal in doing this is to build a lasting relationship with our customers.


Good communication is a key factor in the pursuit of success. Instead of commencing sales of our brands haphazardly and impulsively, we prefer to opt for a clear and well-defined sales strategy.