About Talking Objects

Talking Objects is an interior design brand agency, founded by Pieter Van Den Bossche.


Through my father, who is also co-founder of a Belgian design label, I have been immersed in the world of design and entrepreneurship since I was a little boy. Countless passionate conversations at the dinner table about the industry, and meeting different designers, made a deep impression and ignited within me the flame of fascination for this beautiful industry.


With a marketing background and a healthy dose of entrepreneurship, the time was finally right at the start of 2016. After a first introduction to the Image Republic brand at the Maison & Objet fair in Paris, we took off. Soon after, a cooperation agreement was signed with Pikaplant, from the Netherlands. In no time, the ball started rolling and other brands followed, such as New Works and NORR11 from Denmark. In the summer of 2017 Pieter-Jan joined the company.


Talking Objects stands for products that create added value because of their original approach to a unique story.


The brands distributed by Talking Objects will always be chosen with utmost care. Before making a choice, we look for 3 characteristics we find most important: aesthetics, quality and creativity of a product.


How we work

Talking Objects operates within the BENELUX countries. We are the link between the manufacturer and the store, architect or interior designer by taking care of sales and the distribution of our brands.


In response to the rapidly changing world of retail, we also want to play an honest advisory role for retailers, helping them to make the right purchasing decisions. The ultimate goal in doing this is to build a lasting relationship with our customers.


Good communication is a key factor in the pursuit of success. Instead of commencing sales of our brands haphazardly and impulsively, we prefer to opt for a clear and well defined sales strategy. Some questions that should be asked here are:


  • What kinds of stores/ architects do we want to target?
  • Through which communication channels do we reach out to these stores/ architects?
  • What goals should be predetermined?
  • Are certain investments/internal changes necessary to achieve these goals?


We always do this together and in consultation with our brands.